Metz, France

A remarkable day of August 26th, 2020. My co-director, Bunny and I were touring in Metz, France together with our special friends from France. The […]

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Luxembourg it is bordered by Belgium, Germany and France. On 15-08-2020, my co-director, Bunny and me went to Luxembourg to have experiences. However, we were […]

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Purple Curtain

Night falls, a purple curtain blanketing the sky. Little sparkling stars⭐⭐, lightning the darkness. Moon🌛 hiding away behind the curtain, spying on whom has been […]

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Monday blues, but is not in my vocabulary. Monday is red in colour because I have to fueled up my passion for my study. Ringo […]

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Mind Mapping

💜♥️💚💗MIND MAPPING is like seeding the ideas and let it grow. Branching out the ideas into flowers🌻 and fruits🍉. Rooting out with concrete evidences and […]

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Clocking Out

Hello darlings, I was away for a vacation. Where?❤️Venue : bedroom, Theme : Sleeping beautyItinerary : Sleeping and sleeping😴 I am partly human hybrid with👽 […]

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Bye Bye Ringo

I promised to you Ringo🦮, I will stay happy. I will try Ringo😘 Tears dropped…. Heart 💔bleeds.. Mind full with unwanted echoes. A sudden shocked. […]

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