Day in day out, punching the *Staying Alive* clock. I am grateful for staying alive every day. Sipping my favorite cappuccino and eat a slice of bread with an egg. Simply delicious! Yes, my little happy tummy is fulfilled.

I am not a Love❤️ Guru or any ascending master, but I am myself with many walking life experiences. From bottom till highest point of life. I am happy to share my life experiences but sometimes it may leave you a taste of fantasy in your head. I made each moment a magical moment.

On earth, we are supposed to learn and to redirect our purpose in life. **Not debiting our future life reincarnation with the credit that we borrowed from this life.**

Try this, which I learnt from one my spiritual friend taught me to laugh? and laugh?. Simple as that. There are times, do not take life so seriously. Make a joke out of yourself, things will be different. Another way to see things in a new perspective.

Everything that happened begins with you. Start looking at the mirror and ask what if I acted in another way. You will find the answer.

Please laugh ?and smile? to others. Not a cheeky smile? but smile from the❤️❤️ heart. Laugh from your❤️ heart. Be grateful and enjoy the little things from now on.

Love from me. ❤️❤️❤️

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