A needle in the sea due to a snake in the grass created the black widow.

Human emotions are like a needle in the sea. You are not able to see their real feelings from the surface. Unless investing a long period of time awaiting their ❤️heart to soften, and the needle will afloat. Why taking such a long time to wait because the heart ❤️covered with layers of coral as it has been hardened over time due to their trust that has been betrayed.

Imagine the betrayal is like a snake in the grass : unawareness of silent attacks.

I feel you darlings, yes, I am talking about you and me. Both of us have gone through this phase. Pain, hurt, disappointment and frustration. With all these little emotions has created a guarded❤️ heart.

A heart❤️ that has been fooled not once but unaccountable times. As time goes by, this ❤️heart has closed up and never shows its light again. Is dark and dusted. It has attracted the vengeance, poison and anger. Needed I say more… Turning into a black widow.

However, if the heart is unopen and how to receive ❤️love? Time waits for no one, our bodies are aging drastically. Do you know the heavier our emotions are, the harder for us to leave the earth when we dies?

Let it go from what is holding us back, forgive and forget and move forward. Always ❤️love yourself as your heart ❤️is your compass, your heart❤️ knew whom have the strange vibes, you will be directed away from them. I knew is hard but pity your ❤️heart.

When someone has betrayed me, I will be not the same from the first time you met me as I ❤️love myself more. Thank you for the lessons. I know something is better awaits me. The unfinished business from our past life has been paid. This time and the next reincarnation life, I will not meet you again as our debts are cleared. I want to see new sets of people and places.

??Adious. Lots of love ❤️❤️❤️

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