We are the LAI’s sisters, we are proud of whom we are today. We thrive together and we stand by each other.

We are sisters that came from the same source. We are the ambassadors of our ancestors.

I am proudly presenting my sisters. Both of them has influenced me in a great way. They have molded me to be whom I am today.

My eldest sister, Patricia Lai. She is my inspiration. I always looking up to her, I idolize her how to be a strong and independent woman with high intellectual. I always love her hand writings, till today I still keeping all her hand written letters. I love her looks with a cool short hair. She is the most beautiful police officer. I admired how super brave she is.

She is a successful high ranking officer in the police force. I am so proud of her. She is my mentor on how to have the best from both world: Professionalism and a happy family. I love❤️ you sister. From time to time, I still mesmerized the moment when my sister and me chat till 3am and she was yawning to work the next day. I miss her so much. Being hugs ??and love ❤️from my sister.

My second elder sister, Iveen. She is my inspiration on how to be a loving❤️ person towards humanity. With compassion and empathy she showed me. She is thoughtful and considerate. Her profession has made her a great teacher and now she has her own tutoring business. She is a good entrepreneur. I love❤️ her creativity, she has inborn talents such as arts, handicrafts and also in Chinese calligraphy. Her philosophy of life has brought me a major insight of human life.

She is a hidden gem. She is also a successful entrepreneur, a loyal wife and a great mother. She is soft in her approach, but never underestimate her strength and determination. She is uniquely beautiful. Thank you sister for being there for me. I love ❤️you too. Hugs? and kisses. ?

I always pray for my sisters with good health, happiness and prosperity. Hopefully one day when I fly back Malaysia, we will have great time together again. With lots of food and laughter.

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