The loyalty of a person is not the barometer of his or her characters on certain occasions.
Remember the needle in the sea? Is the best way of elaborating the emotions of a human.
Try to find the needle in the sea, could you find it? No!! Exactly.

A person may be loyal to certain occasions, but does that mean they will be loyal forever? Turn the question to ourselves, are we loyal as we promised? Loyalty is a heavy word to determine a person’s behavior.

Whether a person is tame or wild, we do not know what they have been through in their lives. Perhaps the said person has toned down because they have been through a lot. At this time, they mellowed down and they choose the happy and harmony life.

Meanwhile the wild person may have just begun their life to explore the new adventures. They are beginning to uplift their veil to see things, the awakening of life.

Let us not judge each other. We share the same air, the same earth. We have the same color of blood, we have the same senses and we also have all the same organs. Tell me what makes you so special when you start judging others?

Put it this way, when you are having an emergency in the operation theater, why you still need other people’s blood to keep you alive? Yes, I know a certain group of bloods may not help but still you need others to help you.

Keep the mind and heart♥️ free. Everyone has their own piece of wisdom. They have succeeded in their life. Perhaps their wisdom may not fit you, then find another person that resonates with you.

Peace and love♥️♥️ how lovely if the human begins to realize that loving each other is the key to the peaceful world.

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