A partnership which has been matched with the highest level of the Realm in spiritual comprehensions. In colloquial understanding is two people have the mutual level of understanding. Normally both of these unions has the same level of energy. They also able to telepathic to each other. There is a proverb saying a marriage which heavenly matched: The wooden door match the wooden door, the steel door match the steel door.

The prototype partnership which exists in my own vocabulary is whereby Two unions (Twin Flames) come to an union. However, this twins may carry catalysts or karmic debts. They have so much to learn from each other, they are mirroring each other deepest fear and their best qualities. For both of these unions to experience the purest of❤️ love, they have to clear all their past traumas and do the inner healings. Otherwise, if in this lifetime they did not make it to be in an union. They will meet again in their next life reincarnation.

This is an unconventional ❤️love is so highly admired by many humans. Nothing can break them as they are the reason to bring their missions to the world at large. Beautiful and prestige. I would love❤️ to be in this union if I am given a chance by the highest realm.

These unions has been together in 5th dimensions contractually but in 3rd dimensions they are not. Some of them are tied up with other soul mates to learn the lesson of life. The rest of the twins are still in the 5th dimensions while their twins are in 3rd dimensions.

If you meet your true twin, take this chance as it is a ROMANCE Once of a LIFETIME. Magical and beautiful.

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