I promised to you Ringo?, I will stay happy. I will try Ringo?

Tears dropped…. Heart ?bleeds.. Mind full with unwanted echoes. A sudden shocked. Felt like being run by a big truck wheel over me. What has happened? When a living beings that loved was being called by the highest of realms. I was unprepared for this unpredictable event by my little dog. Everytime when I walked passed his little bed and toys, my heart? wrecked into millions pieces. Miss his little claws, doggy eyes and little tongue waggling for cookies, waiting faithfully in front of the toilet door when I was doing some business.

He was a tough cookie. He stayed till his end breath. He knew I am going to be affected once he left this world. I knew he wanted me to be happy during his absence. He made me promise that I will be happy and❤️ love. Then he gave me winks that he is happy too.

He wants me to cherish every moment that I had with him. The playing time, sleeping time and eating time. I knew he was always with me during my darkness.

To all the Facebookers out there, never underestimate the little time that you spend with any living beings. Because when the days are gone. All these pieces will be the best remembrances in life. I promised Ringo that I will always make the best out from my life. Be myself and love myself. I knew he will always watching me from heaven. Lots of love❤️❤️ for you my dearest Ringo.?

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3 years ago

Omg ringo overleden ? ???