Yesterday was an under weather for me?. Woke up by dragging my brain at my feet. The eyes barely open. I am like a walking zombie. Leaving my soul and heart on the bed. Luckily the brain was tied to my feet. So I jumped into the train coach heading to my destination A.

I thought I was lucky that I was so early into the train. The train starts moving.. Normally the first stop, I have to get out… However the name of the destination was totally different. I was like.. Wait a minute.. ?Huh? I was so slow to jump out as I watched the door of the train closed. I took a glance at the screen in the train… Shit… I was in the wrong train..?

I quickly stand up and waited for the next stop. Yes.. This time, I step out and make a U-turn from the beginning of the destination. So I waited at this small town train station, I was the only passenger. You know how it feels when you are alone… Wind blows… Nobody.. Seriously, I was feeling like in the series of walking dead. After 20 minutes, I heard the train. I quickly get into the train. This time, I had my eyes opened wide and wore my brain into my head. I was at the right coach. Phew?

The morale of the story: rest well and have your brain in fully awake. I laughed?? myself so hard throughout the day. I told my trainer too about the incident. ?❤️Hugs and kisses from me..

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