Have you ever encountered a jelly feeling in your body? A day where your body is crying for help, slowing you down. Making you feel like sticking your body to the bed and no motivation to move. No matter how much you try for exercising or sleeping. Feeling lousy. It is a signal from your body, go for massage. Get yourself pampered. Your body needs some tender loving care.

Yes, I tried the Chinese Traditional Massage. I felt so rejuvenated. All my tight muscles has been loosened up. My body and mind was having a refreshment.

Let me introduce you the Green Tea Spa in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. It is located at Brinklaan 38, 7311 LB Apedoorn. They can be contacted at 0624470111. Remember to make a reservation as they have many clients awaiting at the queue for their great massages.

Their shop is easy to spot. If you see the “Toko Asia” and also the “New Asia” milk bubble teas, their shop are opposite them.

I know during this time of pandemic Covid19 is making the rules more tighter, however they are well equipped with the digital infrared forehead body thermometer that hanged on the wall to scan your body temperature to ensure you are healthy and also hand sanitizer. The experts are well trained and professional in handling our body anatomy. The experts also wearing their facemasks all the time. Don’t worry you will be taken care of.

I love the atmosphere of their buildings, wall painted in green which harmonizing our heart chakra. Brings serendipity and closer to the nature. That is why their shop is named as Green Tree Spa. Love the music too, Zen. There are few personalized rooms for the massages, it is clean and the ambiance is soothing, especially the velvet fabric that spread over the massage bed. Lovely.

With their expertise, they are able to feel which part of our body that needed more pressure. I personally love the “Tuina body massage”, felt so great. I give big thumbs up for their services, they are well mannered, humble and of course their skill were magnificent.

They provide excellent massages for body, face and feet. You may choose which method to your preferences such using hot stones, Guasa (scrapping), Cupping, sport massages, relax massages or tuna (concentrating on the pressure points) or Moxa therapy (is another name for mugwort herb). Their prices are reasonable too, you can also choose to have 30 minutes or an hour, oh well, if you feel you needed more. You can request to prolong the massages and of course you needed to pay more.

My co-director Bunny and I were very thankful to the business owners and their experts for their hospitality. We will be back again for the next visit. For the readers here, do not miss the opportunity to revitalized your body and mind once in a month. You deserve to be pampered.

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3 years ago

many many thanks!