The 6 dangerous humans carry quite exquisite tastes that imprinted in our life. That is why their presence in our life, makes us hard to erase them. They sit deep inside the pocket of our memories, just like the taste and it lingers in our mind forever. My elaborations may clash with your point of view, but if you have other ways of expressions, please share with me in my comments. Let us have some laugh together. Was it life is so much interesting?

My pocket list of human tastes :

1.Jealousy, taste sour

A jealous person whom always envied on others. They have the obsession onto others that they may stalk them in the social media or even walk to their house just to see what they have or wear on the same day. Then they may give good compliments to them, however, in their hearts, the words are opposites. Scary, right? Yes indeed.  They can be associated as the 4 faceted diamonds. They also love to carry tales to others, so called as gossips. They may even buy friends to stand on their sides secretly by belittling the person whom they envied. Wow, never underestimate these jealous people as their mouth is as fast as the CNN. The whole neighborhood will know you have the Mickey Mouse bra and panties. Hahah..They are also the stalkers in your social medias too. Embrace the fame from their ingenious way of putting you on high pedestal. When you turn your back, they will tell their friends what they knew about you. They add many other juicy ingredients by exaggerating it. Being famous for their infamous words.

There is also another scenario, these jealous people can be also our own partner or loved one. They are obsessed with us that they tend to control us. Put us under their claws so that every movement of ours will be finely monitored. They turn green monster like the Incredible Hulk whenever some other people admiring or talk to us on the street. They have so much of jealousy which may intoxicated  our daily life. Can you imagine living in this life? If this continues in our life, soon we will be living in depressions mode. Is hard to get out from the mud of depression. 

The taste of the jealousy people are like vinegar, sour. When it is out of control , sourish may leave you gastric and making a hole in your stomach. Try and take a spoon of Apple cider, how does it taste? Hard to swallow, right? Even if you take a big gulp by holding your breath. You will shiver with goosebumps.

On the other hand, having jealousy people around us are not that bad after all. If only you are strong enough not to be shaken off from your true essence. They may be too much into you by loving you and it turned to toxic. You can neutralize the situation by having boundaries and compliments them in their good ways and action. Whenever they start to gossip on others, compliments the victim instead of joining them. As for the partner or loved one, try talk to them, reassure them that you loved them. These people need constant reassurance but I knew is tiring. Have some patience with them. If could not handle anymore, keep a space and talk again when everyone is calm. Nobody is perfect.  Good Luck!

2.Narcissistic, taste salty

A narcissistic person is like the Jeckyll & Hyde. Highly temperamental person. Their moods can swing from higher up to lower end. The effect of Yo-Yo. That is why you are feeling the effect of noxious. Hard to know when is the right time to speak to them. Is like walking on the egg shells. Not knowing when the egg shells will be breakable. There are times, they are sweet and smooth, but when their bad moods come. You better run as fast as Road Runner, Beep Beep!!

I personally feel that this person has too much of pressure that they can’t handle anymore, they have been keeping the pressure tight lid in their heart. So when something happened, they will explode like volcanoes. They can be highly abusive in words or in actions. When they calm down, they felt bad, but their ego stands in their way. They regret at what they have done, but they may not apologize. However, they will show you some affection or gifts to replace the word of sorry. Familiar? Heheh

They are high egoistically personified. Their pride and dignity are priorities in their life. They are highly passionate and goal oriented. Sometimes they disregard of others feelings, they tend to step on others toes to get things in their way. Resulting their loved one or their partner are suffering low self-esteem because they try to keep up with their expectations.

Why this people tastes salty? It is because without the salt, you will never taste the food taste so much nicer. The absence of the salt, it tasted flat. Is like something is missing. Although salt looks white and crystallized just like the sugar or MSG, but their taste makes the food tastier and compliment with other ingredients. Too much salt will cause other complications in life. High blood pressure… pssst…. this is the monster cells that have driven them to the top of their thermometer. Hahah

Looking at the brighter side of this narcissistic person, if they are able to balance their Yin and Yang character. They will be successful in their career and love relations. Sometimes being around this person, they may share with you their knowledge and experiences, if only you know when and how to speak to them at the right moment. They may be a bit harsh, but they still have some soft spot. One tip, when you see their faces changes, excuse yourself for awhile and come back again when they are in calming mood. Do not gaslighting them, try to talk them in softer manner. Do not take things to heart when their words are abusive. Give yourself and them some time out. Fix a date or time again to deal the problems again. This way both will be heard and understood. Compromising comes from 2 ways and not one way. Remember, you also have to relax into yourself too, did you speak in higher tone? If things do not work out, then choose the peaceful and harmonious way. Walk away, these will be better for you and them too.

3.Pessimistic, taste bitter

Well pessimistic people are too critical in their life. Never stop debating their life on how bad and down even they are living at the best. They often look at everything in grey shades and gloomy. Can you imagine that there are grey clouds hanging on top of their heads? They are so blinded to their surroundings with their black and white tv screen. If you are in their company, soon you will be one of their recruitment in the National Geography of World War I & II.

When you go home, you are lost and confused why you were so down. It is because spending 30 minutes with them, their influence on you are over shadowing you. Suggestions are getting yourself a warm bath with rock salts to get rid of their energy.

Have you ever heard about this, William Shakespeare, from “The Tragedy Of Macbeth” (circa 1599-1606); Act V; Scene V .This part is very pessimistic.  Some of the endings were resolved with happiness, but some are not. No matter what, please do not ever click this movie to drag your mood down. Choose the hilarious movies, okay? Promise me… Hugs

These people always carry a bitter smile on their face. They have abruptly shown their bitterness in everything. For example like: Why their life is so bad? Why they could not have a Mercedes Benz but in reality they owned a Mercedes but it is a lorry that plays an important part in their business growth. They are not grateful for what they have that it will bring them more prosperity and happiness. They love to hide the sun with a black parasol and wrap with black veil around the parasol. Oh My Heaven, can they take 5 minutes just to breath how wonderful the world is. Sighh

Now you know why I said it tasted bitter. The bitterness that they brought in their life is as bitter as bitter gourd. In Chinese believe that bitterness is good for health. Whenever we are having fever, our grandparents will make us some bitter tea to cool our body down. So to say that to have some bitterness in life is not that bad. Overly bitter can bring disaster in life, so use it wisely. Same goes to life, there are times needed to feel the bitterness to appreciate the sweetness of success.

Try to pull these people gradually out from their own made gloominess. They can be the best person in the life and may contribute to the society. They are usually high empathy people. They felt the energy around them easily, but they do not understand how to shake it off. Is like the body carries all the black smokes from everywhere, but there are not outlet to let it go. These people are kind and loving. Try to be patient with them, bring them out. Include them with positive people, make them busy with charitable works. Make them join some activities to burn their excessive energy that they carry with them. You will be amazed that one day this person will be your most loyal and faithful friend you ever had. They will be the one that stands up for you when you are in need. Peace.

4.Myopic (lacking foresight or intellectual insight.) – taste pungent

Myopic people sound like the aliens from another planet. They are complacent people. They can be considered as antiques from the dinosaurs time line. They are easily satisfied with what they have, They tend to look for an easy way out in everything they do. For example, they only cook fish with oil, meat with meat and vegetables with vegetables. They are too straight and do not want to be complicated. If you tell them to make the dishes more colorful or creative, they may say, sorry and no sorry, they prefer their way. You may feel irritated because you have been eating the same dishes for 100 years. What can you do? These people are lack of passions.

They felt having passions are a tedious work. They love to follow the simple rules as 1, 2, and 3. Stop please…. No more 4, 5 or 6 and no more, they said. They may turn their back to you or turn deaf to what you said. They may seem stubborn, but in factual fact, their mind only works on one thing at a time. Is like the Nokia 3100 phone, call and message. Simple, easy peasy and no high tech apps. If you hand them the latest Iphone 11, they will put it aside like a furniture decoration.

You may find them boring. You may feel that they do not have visions. You may even feel like why they are so laid back. You may also notice that why their hair are so thick meanwhile ours is so thin, because they don’t like to be sophisticated like you and me. Heheheh Their life is like living in the countryside home, cowboy and cowgirl. The longer you soak into their company, soon you will be like them thick hair Hairy. Comfortable with the life and no more fire in your life.

They tasted like pungent. It is a taste of dry heat and can be found in spicy foods and many herbs and spices. It is usually created by the presence of aromatic volatile oils, resins, and mustard glycosides that stimulate the tissues and nerve endings of the mouth with a sensation of heat. So these people are full of aromas if only you knew where to press their button. Once their button are pressed, they will excel in their life like a rocket. Do not underestimate them as they have been long enough observing and contemplating.

When their time arrives, they will be accelerating in their life to the max because they finally come out of their box. Do not push them too hard as you may scare them away. Do it slowly, like cooking the lamb stew. The conclusion is, as I said before, if only you knew what to say. This person will be excellent in whatever they do. At the same time, this person also teaching us how to take a break in life. Slow down and have a rest. Our body needed to. They are very good at taking care of their mind, body and soul. They are also very good in herbalist. Try to talk to them more, they are the Gems that will open up your eyes to the door of understanding your body and soul need.

5.Aimless – taste umami

Aimless people, this group of people were used to being dictactored by their parents since childhood. So when their parents died, they are aimless as they are so used to have decisions made by them. Oh well, many high achiever people will prefer strolling away from them. Is not trying to be rude, but this is the reality of the world. Sad right? Yes indeed. These people are so used to be put down by others. They have low confidence, sometimes they tend to hide at one corner crying because they are so lost in their life.

Normally these people jump from one job to another new job. Is not that they quit, but oftenly they are the first one to be struck off from the employment list when the recessions seep in. They are the unfavorable from the society just because they are aimless. Do you know that these people if you polish them up, they will be the star worker. They will be the one that will be so loyal to your company. Even if there are recessions happening, they are willing to work for you with lesser salary.

They even willing to work extra hours to make sure that your team will achieve the targets. They are the cheerleaders. If they have a good leader, they will be strive for success. They will be the best team players. Mark my words, they will be your proud medallion. Give them the clear directions. They prefer a good leader instead a bad bossy manager. Do not exploit them because they can sniff out, once they sniffed, they will leave for a better employment. They are highly emotional intelligent people. Although they may look submissive but they will choose their way out. Remember the movie of Legally Blonde, she may look unfit for the career she chose because she has blonde hair with all her pink clothes and accessories. She was constantly being judged by people that she is aimless in her advocacy. At the end, she made it. She is the Star of advocate.

Why this aimless people taste like umami? It is because the umami taste is often described as a meaty, broth-like, or savory taste, and is independent of the four traditional basic tastes — sweet, sour, salty and bitter. It is the taste of monosodium glutamate, is one of the five recognized basic tastes. The aimless people are like an umami taste, when the time is right. They will burst in your tongue that leaves you want to know them more. How come they are so intelligent and why they are so capable of doing something which it is impossible?

They may look aimless but their power of determination is very grounded. They come with a big bang and hoo ha on their shoes. Include them in your circle of your groups, they always have their brilliant ideas out of now where. If only you allow them to shine. They will also supports you in your task and never try to compete with you in any competition. Deep down in their heart, they always treasure you as their best buddy if only you have proven them that their worth. Cheers!!

Dear readers, I think, is that all for now. I have another one “The Twisted”: taste like fats, but I think I will write it another time. Remember to include these peoples in your life, they are also humans. Stay with them, treat them right. Respect each other with love and compassion. They are the one that makes this world a colorful place to stay. They are all the combination of all the taste that make a delicious hot pot. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a cannibalism.

Love from me, Alicia FenixFlame99

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