The “X” file, is never good to be rebound for dwelling unless there is good ground for rebuts. The woman’s mind is like an archive directory: all the “X” files will be stored here. Especially doubts that cannot be clarified and broken relationships will be archived as “X” files too. They also have a little secret called Black Box. All the doubts will be temporarily stored in the Black Box till it is clarified or level up for “X” files.

No wonder my mother remembered every single thing about me, each time when I am naughty. She is the best archeologist by digging out all my centuries mischievous and wrongdoings. Heheh, so never mess with a woman. Regardless of anything, my mother loves and endures me. She always wants the best for me. I love you mum.

I am also a woman and I am also not to be discounted away from “X” files archive and black box. When those were stored there, please never allow me to dig those untouchable files or doubts. Leave it as cold as it is. Please be reminded : Cold Storage is good. Yes, I have mercy, and big heart to accept previous friends, but do come with a good explanation for a closure. Otherwise, I will make a good END closure and blesses you with love so that you will meet your future soul mate.

A closure is good for any exit or the new beginning of reconciliation of any past relations. It brings peace and harmony. Remember darlings, do not shy away with truth and honesty when comes to a matter of the heart. Talk face to face and not through social media via writing. Grow balls and chest up. Clear the air and have a closure for any new chapter.

Something to whisper to women out there, sometimes because of the abilities of the women able to squeeze the Black Box and “X” files archive may drive much human away. Now ladies, there are times needed to turn off the button once in a while to relax and enjoy the moments with a glass of wine. Be Poise. Cheers.

Love yourself.

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