A remarkable day of August 26th, 2020. My co-director, Bunny and I were touring in Metz, France together with our special friends from France. The beautiful family of Bella, they were Bella, Gilles and Antoine. They are friendly and generous with their time by bringing us around to visit the spectacular city of Metz.

We are also thankful to Gilles as he has so much of knowledge and sharing the information of the history of each and every places. We also want to extend our gratitude to Bella as she has given us the comfort during our visit in France. We are truly blessed. Lots of laughter and fun we had.

Metz is a city in northeast France located at the confluence of the Moselle and the Seille rivers. It has a rich 3,000-year-history, having variously been a Celtic oppidum (is a large fortified Iron Age settlement), an important Gallo-Roman city, the Merovingian capital of Austrasia.

Most recommended places to visit as listed down here :-

Cathedrale Saint-Etinne de Metz

The cathedral was beautifully built with the yellow Jaumont limestones with French Gothic architecture. The highlight of the building is that it has the highest nave (the centre approach of the high altar) in the world. The stained glass windows were being meticulously hand painted. It is so mesmerizing and the largest expanse in the world too.

As I was being told all the statutes in all each and every cathedral is different. So next time, take a good look in the statutes. Some of them have a different crown on their heads and holding different things. I think there are some stories behind it. Is yet to be found.

There are two beasts statutes outside of the cathedral has got my interest. It very uniquely made as it has the armour and helmet but unseen faces. Interesting as both the statutes has impeccable features.

Marche Couvet (The Metz covered market)

Walking distance from the Cathedral, you can visit the historic market with permanent stalls and shops in a large covered structure in the historical centre of Metz in France. The Covered Market is one of the oldest, most grandiose in France and is home to traditional local food producers and retailers.

There are many fresh seafoods, cheese from the cheesmakers, delicious sausages and many more. The prices are reasonable too. Never miss this out, is worth to visit. I love the boiled prawns, it is fresh and it is edible right away. You can eat freshly or dip into the mayo. Sip with some wines. Great combination. Oh yes, for those whom love street market. Come on every Saturday morning at the Metz Cathedral forecourt.

Le Temple Neuf

It is a Protestant church in Metz, France. It is located on place de la Comédie (Nexto the Opera-Theatre). The church was built by Glod, with the first stone being laid on 25 November 1901 (when Metz was a part of the German Empire). The building architecture is an example of Romanesque Revival. The surrounding of the church is so magnificent as it is belting by the river.

Ephemere Metz Garden

If you are tired and need a break after a long walk visiting all the tourist spots. You are most welcome to the garden in the city of Metz. It is very interesting with the mix and match, a little touch of fusion feels. There is a fountain, the unusual arrangements of the banana trees, leaves, sunflowers and fantastic decorations with the spiral shapes. It is unique and it is a good spot for selfies to put on your Instagram or TikTok. I personally love the fountain.

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