Why Alien’s love? Because it is a wonderful love. But how? It is a deeper explanation to elaborate, but one word: WONDERFUL.

Imagine these, most of the aliens are alike, but how do they recognize their love partner?

Through the energy, the wave which we scale it by pitch (frequency) – Hertz (Hz). It is not me or any other human being able to be adapt. However, as for my experiences and it took me years to understand this energy wave. In which I went through a lot of up and down through purging my emotions from the past to allow the emptiness to be filled up by this new program of energy wave. I am 50% of learning this new energy that has downloaded in me to understand the meaning of Alien’s LOVE.

Extra information : Do you know that the dolphin has this capability too? Yes, they use this frequency to communicate with each other. Interesting right? The dolphins are the playful and loving mammal animals in the ocean. They communicate through a series of unique vocal pitch, these are essential as they can decipher which dolphin’s speaking.

NOW coming back to the discussion from the main topic : To energize this wave energy. Think deep and feel with the heart. If you listen carefully, the love energy comes from the heart. The heart is the compass with magnetic field. That attracts those whom shares the same energy field as you. You may even in for surprises that you may attract your family soul members, love soul mates and twin flame. Fascinated? To me, yes and I went through the whole epic, but trust me it is a roller coaster epilogue.

Love has no form as it flow like a stream of pure aqua. Formless, tasteless, odorless and colorless. These are the best qualities of love, the unconditional love, the love has no boundaries. If the aqua is formed, tasted, odored and colored. This is what we call as temptation or infatuation. These are the poisons and has polluted our heart without knowing it. As it may turn into toxic and building up the cancerous cells. It has obsessions, hatred, vengeance, envy and anger. It may turn us into a human waste, looking for substances to replace all these pain that endured in our body system.

The language of love is through telepathy. You can feel it with your heart about another person without verbal communication. If the person has the same frequency as you, the energy will attract both of you like a vacuum cleaner. Many people are still a sleep walker, they could not sense the love unless it is by written or verbal forms. Sadly, yes it is. That is why till today the humans are hunger for pure love, but they forgot that they have to clear their heart energy to open up to pure love. The purest love is a self functioning and not depending on others.

In the spiritual world, there are these twin flames’ love. The purest and unconditional love. As I have researched on the website, these unions are the light workers to wake other humans up for the pure love. The twin flames have the most difficult path to take during the journey of reuniting. Going through the searching of the one (the meeting), the awakening (the A-Ha moment), the honeymoon phase (the test), separation (the crisis), push and pull (the runner and chaser stage), purging their past trauma to allow their ego to break down – the darkness of the soul (the surrender) and reuniting (the reunion and joining). Once the reunion happened, their mission begins, the world will start to heal with pure love like the Aliens.

The twin flames will come together like a clean slate to bring the newest love energy for the world. The beauty of this twin flame is, there are no boundaries nor even differences in their love. Love is great and magical. This is what we called the universal love, the love where alien nations understood. As for human beings whom are still in their deep sleep in third dimensional world, still a long way to go.

Well, I have a few tips for those whom are interested about the spiritual growth, browse in the internet regarding the Twin Flame or you are already embarking of spiritual journey. Do meditation regularly and try listen to the binaural beats on YouTube.

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