Sweaty palm and feet, at the ripe age. I am still nervous having my white coral from my mouth being pulled out. Yes the WISDOM TOOTH. Not sure why they name it as wisdom tooth. Conceivably, after extracted.. The pain and misery will make you wiser.

Previous epic from the past of extracting my left wisdom tooth in my own country…..

“I had it done 20 years ago with my left wisdom tooth (below), it was a nightmare. To be precise how the process went, I felt like I was being cast in the movie name, Saw (movie)… Seeing, hearing and feeling the dentist (the Saw) forcefully drilling my tooth. I smelled the burning friction from my tooth… Smelled like BBQ chicken wing.. Omg.. The sensation is like getting into your jawbone. Sitting in between of heaven and hell. I could not do much as my mouth was forcefully wide open. Saliva and blood squirting out. My heart said, please stop.. It was non stop drilling, The sounds of other utensils were clinking into my mouth. The tears rolling down from my eyes uncontrollably. The tortured were so tormenting. Then came the sewing inside my gum. It took me an hour plus seeing a horror movie alive with wide open eyes.”

Now I am sitting here again going through the whole episode in Europe.

I almost faint when remember my previous epic. I felt like a clam closing up and hide inside in my shells. Then I heard my name being called, “Mevrouw Lai.” Yes, is my turn. I walked with heavy feet and I spoke to the dentist in English because my Dutch is still a half bucket of water.

I explained about my nightmares about my previous dentist in Malaysia to the new dentist whom attending me. The dentist handled me with tenderly and care.. Phew.. He told me step by step about the progress. He was so carefully injected the the anesthetist syringe in me. I felt very sleepy. I was being covered with a cloth and only my mouth is visible and a little space to peep. I prefer not seeing it. So the surgery begins, I felt my mouth were numb. Trust me, if you were me, you just want to get faint and let the specialist do their part.

Again… Tan tan Tann… drilling starts.. Oh my God, not again. Feeling the songs from the Elm Street started.. Freddy Krueger is playing with my corals in my mouth. After one wisdom tooth (below right) was extracted and another at the above left also been extracted. Hearing the vacuuming my blood squirting out. I prayed so much to fast forward the whole progress. Finally, everything was done. I was like, Wow… It was done.. I thought it was going to be an hour. Mmm.. The dentist in Europe is professional. Big clap to the dentist and his crew. I walked back from the hospital with 2 cotton balls stuffed in my mouth. My mouth was still numb and saliva was coming out. Hahah..Anyway, that is my whole day, but certainly my long term problems have been resolved. I am writing this blog with the pain and numb, forgive me if my story a bit not jive together or some mistakes with my grammar.

I have to rest a lot to be heal. Lots of love from me.

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