Sunday a lazy day to rest the body and mind. Are you in the mode of resting darlings?

Yes, I am resting too. My passions are more into writing. I love the way the universe is communicating with me when I am more into resting mode.

You may have queries on how did I ever had numerous creative ideas in writing. Oh well, simple! : being yourself and do what makes you happy. For me, I love to observe others’ life, listening to music, watching TV or even doing some research in Google or even closing my eyes through meditation.

My ideas are like a tree, growing and bearing fruits. I am so blessed and I am thankful to the universe for handing me this wonderful gift. Life is hard, so I incorporated some humors to make things lighter.

I am comical in my own way of conveying the messages to humans. However, I am still taking things seriously when I needed. Sometimes I love to tickle my own story, to distort the sufferings to lighter mood. I am like you too, a HUMAN Being. All of us a wheel of life. The wheel that rolls up and down. Good and bad moments are in a package. Just like Forrest Gump’s quotes: Life is like a box of chocolate. You never knew what you will get.

The nature has unspoken words, listen carefully with your heart. Every life on this earth are having the same destination. The destination is to be awakened and remember who you are from the day you were born.

Love is the destination on every aspect of life. Why complicate things in life? If everyone picking up the LOVE and busy themselves by loving themselves. They will not find any outside sources to replenish their unrequited love, it is inside you. You do not need dependency. You knew what is right for you and you know every answer for your own questions. Why are you murking yourself with others’ opinion?

They also like you having their own problems to solve. What they offer may not be sufficient to solve your own problems. Perhaps the answer is in yourself.

Now stand tall, open up your heart, drown yourself with your own love. If everyone busy by loving themselves, the world is going to be a loving place to live in. I love it so much if this is happening. Ah, love.

Am I a baby? Yes, I admit because I love, the purest love and I am the baby that love myself.

Am I naïve? Yes, because I choose not to dive too deep into others’ problems in their life as they are responsible in their own action.

Am I reckless? Yes, I am reckless in my own love for loving myself, indulging myself with things that made me happy with responsibility.

Now people out there, you can have many inputs about me about how I handle my life and I do not mind. I knew things happened in my life with reasons. I am not here begging you to give me money or anything. My happiness is my own making. Is your own choice to envy someone or do something that you love. You have to make your own fabulous life. No one can help you if you lazy. Believe in yourself, trust in faith, keep on dreaming and miracles will happen for you. You are the star that shine effortlessly. No one can take over you.

Lovers or non lovers, my blessings have always been with you. I love you even though you do not love me because I am love like an overflowing cup. Peace, love and light. Namaste.

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