We were so blessed that we met Bella in France and we stayed a few nights with her and her family. They invited us with open arms and filled our ever hungry stomach and itchy mouth non-stop.

Food Starter – Fresh seafood and marinated food

Yes, we love the fresh steamed prawns, anchovies marinated with garlics, Brie (soft cow’s milk cheese) as the starter before our main course. It was so tempting, especially me, eating non-stop.

The watering mouth freshness of the steamed prawns was so delicious. The moment you peel the shells of the prawns and chew the flesh, you can taste the freshness that burst in your mouth. One word: Wow!! You can eat like that or dip into Mayo. It is your choice. You can buy it from the fresh market or in the supermarket, Cora. The anchovies were also delicious, although it has been heavily marinated with garlics but the freshness is still maintained. My co-director Bunny were so excited to buy the anchovies.

We went all the way to Cora, the supermarket, Bunny asked me, “Hey, what do you call that?” and I replied, “Aiyo, ANCHOVIES”. Without hesitation, Bunny is shouting in the supermarket, “EI, ANCHOVIES!”. I was stunned and not sure to cry or to laugh at that moment because what Bunny refer is the name of the beautiful lady, Bella. I almost have a heart attack at that moment. Luckily, Bella did not hear it. Sorry Bella, Bunny is always <BLUR BLUR>.

Main course – Bella’s famous Nasi Lemak (Malaysian cuisine)

On the first day, Bella prepared us the best version of her authentic Malaysian cuisine: Nasi Lemak, deep fried chicken, colorful Keropok, sambal anchovies and coconut milk cooked rice.

The aroma of her cooking is so seducing and alluring. My soul has been seduced by her food. Yummy! Bella is very talented in her home cooked food and I saluting her. As we know living in abroad, the original ingredients are not easy to get and also the taste of the European are not easy to tackle. She has improvised the Nasi Lemak to suit everyone’s taste. Kudos Bella. Well done. The big secret is there is no Belacan the shrimp paste. Got to ask her for her golden recipe

Best Main course – Bella’s way of cooking Mussel and fries

Bella has a great passion in cooking and she has made all the cooking seem so easy and fast. I have made a video together with the recipes will be uploaded soon.

I love the gravy from the mussels. Bella shared me some tips on how to take out the mussel flesh by using the other shells which it is still intact together. Use is as a clip to crack open another mussel and clip the flesh out. Voila…. put it into the mouth. Mmmmmm…… so delicious. My Heaven!!

Dip the fries into the gravy, it is seriously amazing. Try it when you are visiting France restaurants. The moment of your taste buds has expanded. 

Extra informations : –

We love alcohol and only both of us are having great time indulging the alcohol.

For those whom loves alcohol, we recommended as below:-

  1. French beer, “Kronenbourg” aka Kro – is the largest beer brand in France. Try it as you will not regret it.

2. French Wines, you will be spoilt with the choices. Too many to name here as my favorites as I knew I drank a lot and luckily I did not get any hangover. However, I love white wine  – Pinot Gris (Rene Sparr), Rose – (JP. Chenet, Ice Edition in pink)

3 Aperitif (40% – 45% alcohol percentage) – Ricard (Pastis de Marseille) based on star anise and made in France.

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