Luxembourg it is bordered by Belgium, Germany and France.

On 15-08-2020, my co-director, Bunny and me went to Luxembourg to have experiences. However, we were surprised that the shops were closed and there are not many people are on the street. We thought maybe it is because of the covid19 pandemic. To our surprise it was a public holiday Assumption Day – principal feast of the Blessed Virgin, the mother of Jesus Christ. Luckily the restaurants, cafes and supermarkets were open. Phew..

So travelers, if you love to have a photo without any humans, oh yes, this date is the perfect time for a great photo shoots. Heheh.. But for those whom love shopping. Choose other date, because there is a lot of branded things psstt.. PRADA, GUCCI, LONGCHAMP and clothes to shop. Is a heaven for Shopaholic. Wink wink

However we managed to visit a few places in Luxembourg :-

Notre-Dame Cathedral Luxembourg

When we reached Luxembourg city, we parked our car to the nearest car park “Knuedler” and that is behind the Cathedral.

It is easier to walk around the city. Remember to bring along your car park ticket as you needed to pay before your way out.

Since we are in the pandemic situations now, remember to wear your face-mask. You need to wear it before you enter the Cathedral and other buildings. Always use the sanitizer gel. The architecture of the Cathedral was amazing. The paintings on the arch inside of the building was mesmerizing. If you will love to ask for blessings, you may buy candles to burn too. The smaller candles cost about €1,00 each. You will also notice the big organ from the 17th century.

Oh yes, don’t forget to walk on the side of the Cathedral. There is a beautiful water fountain next to the wall of the Cathedral. There are 5 statues of animal faces spitting water and floral sculptures by Luxembourg painter-sculptor Jean Curot (1882-1954).

De Neumünster Abbey Luxembourg

It is an abbey in the Luxembourg town of Echternach, with the attached monastery church, the Basilica of Saint Willibrord.

It was the first Anglo-Saxon monastery on the European Willibrord also died and buried there. You can find his grave buried underneath the monastery.

There is a museum next to the Abbey Echternach. You will be awed by a the collections of the Book scriptures which were hand written and painted with the colour that scrapped from crystal stones. Try not to miss this.

Mullerthal Trail Luxembourg

If you love nature especially hiking. Then Mullerthal Trail it is your main preference. In 2014, the Mullerthal Trail was certified with the label “Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe”. We love the trail as it reminds us the movie of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. We also be told that there is a beautiful waterfall.

However, till the end of our search, unfortunately the waterfall was not being found. We only found water coming out from the pipes. Hahah. I think we need to go there again for the next vacation. I promised you when you are there, you will be so amazed with the hedge of the stones and the steepness of the stairs in between of the cave. It looks like magical forest. Good luck and make sure bring a water bottle with you. You will be sweating a lot.

Beaufort Castle Luxembourg

Beaufort Castle or Le Château fort is a castle in the castle on the Scottish Highlands.

When we reached there, we saw a massive Medieval and Renaissance Castle. As it has been uninhabited, most of the structure of the castle has been ruined. What we found interesting about this castle, we found a tortured dungeon  with the instruments like spikes that rolled underneath the body. Let your imagination run wild. We also try to find the chapel after climbing the spiral stairs, but it was unfound. It is mysterious. Now if you have a chance of visiting, let us know if you have found the said chapel. Good luck.

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More places to visit :

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