Hey, you! Yes, have you ever feel like a banana in a room of the mind?

Let me rephrase it, feeling not ourselves as the mind is wandering in the air. You feel like could not act on it, but your mind forces you to do it. If you do it, you make yourself a clown for acting on it. Wow.. A detour explanation from its original meaning. Direct to the point : being stubborn because of EGO.

If you continue to be a banana in certain situations, you will not move the Pink Elephant in the room. You may be the “Nay Sayers” that you are alright and everything is under control. Hey, I saw the Pink Elephant is still there and is not moving. Now, stop contemplating on your problems. Don’t think too long or being worst by sweeping it away under the carpet. Take one day at a time, weight all the corners. Use your heart and mind for the pro and cons. Never ever allow any of the heart or mind taking charge. Balancing it out. Clear your thoughts each day. Avoid listening to others if your guts said that she is your life partner or whatsoever.

Execute your plan and go for it. Do not wait too long if it is concerning your future happiness. The time is ticking, no one will wait for you. Remember the song from MLTR- Michael Learns To Rock : “25 minutes too late”(song).

I rest my case, I am waiting for you guys to take action while hiding myself behind the banana leaf. Wondering who will be the next banana and chaining the Pink Elephant with them. Ehem.

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