Have you ever felt when you are walking on a thin ice, any steps that you take it is going to break the glacier. Same as trust.. Where there is no trust and everything gone into the drain. It breaks my heart when the trust and faith has gone.

Pain, the wound… I licked my own wound as I carried my heart. Many promises were made, but to execute the words engraved was never an easy task. I told myself, this is the world… No matter how much promises, faiths and hopes from humans engraved with the name of their heart.. It is always changing. Placed my own hopes and trust within myself.

I carry my own dreams and hopes. I shall never put more raw salt to rub it into my wound in my heart. Never ever visiting the same dark memories that I once had.I took a brave step and venturing into my own future. I tell myself, nothing kills me and that make me stronger. Gather the strength and walk into the unknown world. Never know what I may encounter.

The world is my oyster and I will make my oyster giving endless pearls. I am proud of myself and I will walk and walk. Never look back as I used to.

Lots of love?❤️

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