*PRICE TAG* You have NO PRICE TAG because no one can own you only you yourself. Even if there’s someone offer you gold ?and ?diamond, reject it because your value is worth more than that. You are a free soul.. Don’t enslave to anyone or anything. You are like DOBBY got a sock for freedom [Harry Potter]; DOBBY is FREEEEEEE!!
Be there for ?yourself, be happy ?for yourself, be cheerleader ?for yourself. Be everything for yourself. Is your omission to take care of your vessel and❤️ heart.

Be anything that you want to be.

BUT REMEMBER : If you want to sell your soul to the Devil ?is really up to you. Is your own repercussions. *Temptation, *Desires and *Lust are the short fulfillment but with a heavy PRICE TAG to pay in your later life.

If anyone wants to enslave with you with gift or money with ILL intentions or sweet nothing promises, walk away PLEASE. Tell them to kick the stones as you are not buying it. Be kind to yourself. Love ❤️and love❤️ yourself, darling.

If a person really loves❤️ you, your heart ❤️knows. Only give away your 9 of love❤️ cups if they have fully healed their inner self: emotions and health. Otherwise, you will be enslaved yourself for their codependent on your love❤️ energy. Enjoy your freedom while you can.

♥️ Love from me

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