When the life goes down, take a chill pill. The more you rest, your mind will be clearer. Time to shut down and shun away from the public. I always believe there will be a time the wheel of life needed some pausing time. Once it is done with the pause, it will be shot up again like a rocket.I was very grateful during my slowest time I met a wonderful Malaysian lady in France.

She showed me a new way of seeing things. She has the sweetest smile and kind hearted. She is unique with her way of cooking French and Malaysian food. Her name is Bella which matches her wonderful character. Soon I will share her talents of cooking in my blog and YouTube. She is so amazing. I was inspired by her with how she adapts her life in France.

Is never a shortcut to the success of life. Many hard works needed to input. When the times are ripe, the success will be ready sow.I believe every woman has its endeavor in writing their own destiny path. Each human has its way of solving their own problems. Its never easy but persistence is the oil to smooth out the struggles. I was inspired by Bella. I am so thankful for her for extending her hospitality during my stay in her house.

Many blessings to her. With love and kisses. ❤️??

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