Nora is an intelligent lady that is residing in Europe for more than 7 years. She is the smart lady that wears the smarty pants. With her intelligence, she has successfully maneuvered her life in Europe. At the present moment, she is working in a medical industry. Will introduce her more in my Women Empowerment blog for some tips being an expat in Europe.

She is good at managing her lifestyle balance. She has good network with her family, colleagues and friends. I am very lucky being her close friend.

New King, Chinese Restaurant

On 29-07-2020, Nora and me wandering in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  I was super happy that she introduced me a few eating places and also Bubble Milk Tea (It tasted so much like the one I had in Malaysia, I miss Malaysia…ahhh).

In the morning, we had a brunch at New King the Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown of Amsterdam and it is located opposite of Chinese Temple and nearby Red Light District. We ordered white rice, soy sauce chicken, water spinach (kangkung) beef, prawn dumplings and sweet sour fish. As for the drinks, Nora had an ice lemon tea, meanwhile I had hot Chinese Tea in a pot. The price was reasonable.

Amazing Oriental Supermarket – Bubble Milk Tea

Why in Amazing Oriental Supermarket? Oh yes, there is a lot of surprises to be found here too. We found Bubble Milk Tea (Bo Bo Tea – Taiwan’s Classic) freshly made and cost about 2,50 euro each. We were so lucky because it was a promotion, buy one and free one. Distant between Chinatown to this supermarket is 3 minutes of walking. So don’t miss out if you want to quench your thirst with Bubble Milk Tea.

Blond Amsterdam

If you love sweet pink, this is the place that you should not miss out. It is the cuteness overload. I guarantee you will love it just like me, I was awed by it. The whole building painted in pink and with a decorated board with flowers. In the shop, there are café, shop and also a workshop. The workshop is for those who love to paint pottery.

What is lovely about the shop is they served cute desserts and drinks. My favorites are “Pink Hot Drink – caramel hazelnut vanilla + whipped cream cost 4,50 euro each” and “Pink Hot Tub – pink chocolate fondue with fresh fruit cookies cost 17,50 each” . However, if you opt for the refreshing drink, go for fresh mint cost 3,00 euro each. The shop owner is quite generous, they gave us 2 nougats for free.

Also check out their washrooms too, you will also love the hand painted wash basin and also the toilet bowl. It is so mesmerizing. Awww… pinky pink. I love it and I will go there again.

Harlem Soul Food

In the evening, we stop by Harlem Soul Food restaurant for some snack before our dinner. It is very authentic European snack food. They also served vegetarian and vegan food. Try this Nacho’s topping with salad, avocados and jalapenos. We Iove the chicken wing dip with sweet Thai sauce and fish cakes. The owner is very friendly.

We love the great day out and of course we have a lot of journeys for food. Visit my food blog more to get some new tips to dine in for new exciting places.

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