Ohayō Gozaimasu おはようございます Rain droplets at the window, coldness wind blew on my skin. Birds chirping freely. You know darling, being awake every day is a great blessing. Welcoming the day with new adventures is another way to begin the day with. No expectations or whatsoever. Yes, life needed to sustain by way of searching monetary for the family. Feeling bogged down by responsibility. Let me tell you this, whatever you have now is another humans’ hopes and wishes. What you have is what others don’t.

Start approaching matters in a different light. Be lucky is to able to be grateful and not looking at things you put high expectations with. Imagine you are a millionaire, are you truly happy? Even if you have a mountain of gold to spend? Be honest, deep in your heart, do you feel lonely? Do you always feel the friends and family are always after your gold? You start to envy those whom are easily grateful with what they have.

Here is the example of daily self sabotaging :

They are a group of people always wonder how to attain happiness. They tried numerous times through giving away money as charity and having exquisite parties to dine and wine, enjoying their butts out from sunrise till sunset on an expensive yacht with pretty young ladies and a row of brawn young men. Still the happiness were temporary. They start questioning themselves,

“How the hell can they attain the longevity of happiness without putting any effort in or displaying their status or wealth?” I knew is hard to digest and abrupt for me to write this. Honestly, deep down on yourself, have you ever question this? Do you feel a big ball stuck in between your throat to answer this? Many people avoid this and seek for distraction, running away from facing it. How long to you want to endure this pain? In the end, they turn themselves in diversity activities, namely drinking alcohol, trendy substances from drugs, sexual temptation like in the movie of Caligula or Prostitution in Pompeii (sad movies) as they always looking for other way to heightened their intimacy actions and the ending are disasters. *Please be prepared to watch these movies as it may leave you in the state of shocked and disturbed. Only for year age above 18sx.* (I knew I am brutally honest here and there will be some readers start to have a weird feeling towards me because of the movies. The truth is I am not blind and the world is sick with these groups of people whom does not have love and compassion. They are using the dark blue velvet veil to blanket all the truth of their lust.)

Then they started to envy the happiness from the average people’s lives. The average people are always grateful with what they have. Even if they are earning from to day to day, just to feed their family member’s mouth regardless of their own because to them seeing their family happy are their blessings. So what happened here, the above mentioned group of peoples start wondering about these daily income people, whether they’re having the magic pills for the longevity of happiness. So they are labeled as the Magic Pill maker.

The Magic Pill maker :

They are the one who does not mind of having a smaller income by having happiness and harmony with their family and friends. They find every blessing in everyday life. How did they do that? Did they go to seminary for happiness or did they make the magic pills? The answer is simple… Love and have compassion for others. Not only loving yourself obsessively by stepping other toes to get yourself happy but choose to share your love to others, have empathy towards others. When you love with compassion, the echoes of love and happiness will be bounce back to you in abundance.

Now people, I love you so much. I wish you every day a lucky day. Start the journey with love and compassion.

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