2nd day of July,? my last day at school. Summer vacation has begun.? Yes! I hope I can see sunflower? blooming tall. My heart❤️ is awaiting for the joyous moment.
I came across with these beautiful?? quotes :
Create space for new ❤️loves.
When the thing hurts your ?️eyes, stop looking at it.?
When it hurts your? ears, stop listening to it.? When it hurts your ❤️heart, stop justfying it.

“Love ❤️you so much from universe.”

Past days, my blood was boiling like? volcanoes. Mind you, it was a part of my? demon ??hahaha ?the real bitchy me. Usually I kept this well hidden and rarely showing to the public. I kept myself intact with good ETIQUETTE. I always ironed out my words.

However, last few days, I enjoy blurted out. I aired my chest with all the disappointments that I have seen on how people mistreated the name of❤️ Love.

*Given the love❤️ a bad name.*

Now I get balsy, my liver is growing more hairs to be boisterous with my gigantic big bang words. Still, I will try not to provoke feelings among humans. I promise and I will try my best.

I do not mind if you will like to share or copy my words. All these are meant to be share and inspire others to do the same. There is no “Copyright” but I prefer if you borrow my written text to awake another human with❤️ love. If you are making some coins? from it and I suggest that share some to me or donate to the charity.

Lots of love ❤️❤️

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