Is there a subcontract in a marriage partnership? What a messy contract..? Although I am an exuberant? personality, but I am a conventional female with high morale. I still hold on to the grace of my ❤️heart. I learned my past and I do not want to hurt other people’s feelings who are dear to me. What if they betrayed me in return? Walking in the HALL of SHAME is a no-no to me.

In the legal “jargon”: to have third, fourth or fifth party with benefits despite your legal partner in marriage, it is named as SCANDALOUS mannerism. So time to think over. Sometimes I think about this, why involved in the complicated partnership? If freedom is your importance of having multiple friends with benefits, then is the time to think why are you stuck in the present marriage or partnership?

Think before jumping into any conclusions due to temptation, as I said earlier. There will be a hefty price to pay. The Karma.

If this is your decision, I respect it.. It is human rights but was it right for the other human that partnering with you??

I emphasize about Love ❤️without conditions. Love❤️ is to let go and allow others to grow beautifully and not possess them as your own property.

Namaste ??❤️❤️

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