?♥️??MIND MAPPING is like seeding the ideas and let it grow. Branching out the ideas into flowers? and fruits?. Rooting out with concrete evidences and information with examples. Remember the : “Pro and cons”. Occasional weeding out the illogical ideas. Balancing the branching and rooting otherwise if it is imbalance, it will be too heavy to be support both ends.??

Mind mapping is a good tool for preparing proposals. A good written proposal must be in balance with the introduction, ideas, spread with good explanation, support with examples and end with reviews. Also provide the possibility of Q & A. This is where the mind mapping is needed to connect all the pointers with elaborations.

Mind mapping is very useful in making healthy decisions. This has helped me in many areas of my life. Visualizing, like a hologram, projecting the bubbles of the ideas. Is fun, try it and you will ❤️ love it. This is also one of the ways for Law of Attraction. MANIFESTATION. It has helped me to weight all the unforeseen circumstances and minimizing the risk taking.

Instead of mind facking? in the free time with unnecessary stuff with gossips and dramas. It is better invest the mind in something more useful. Otherwise by the time realizing that you are in the wrong footing, it is too late and you are far behind from everyone else.

Use the time wisely, do something that brings fruits to your labor. Love❤️ and love. ❤️

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