Romantic ❤️❤️short story: There was a time, when everything was little bluefish? hahah..??

There came a stout man (My friend and I named him as the Penguin).? He is so adorable when he acted he is the Wikipedia man. The man whom speak different languages, but only the accent not the words. The penguin ?has high confidence. Sometimes the people from the real ethnic does not understand his spoken words (Thai) and yet he still blabs as if it was supposed to be understood.

Come to story short, penguin?❤️ loves adventures. He loves to go to his private island and fishing in old caveman ways. Super handy man, a penguin? acted like another MacGyver. Trust me, this penguin ?is impressive.

When he pursues a lady, he never takes an answer NO. The more the lady rejects him, the more he❤️ loves it. Penguin ?ma? just like a ?penguin, never gives up and find the perfect stone throw at any other penguin? that try to woo his ❤️lover.

This penguin ?has a weird character, he thinks he is the most powerful and handsome. No one dares to make a joke about him.

So me the naughty ?one, I never give him a chance to rest. One day, I was lying down on a mattress with my friend and her daughter. I saw a pair of cute little feet swinging back and forth from the office chair. I was so amazed. I said it out loud to my friend, “Hey look at the kaki ?(legs) so pendek (short) can swing very well.. So terror (great)… . I can’t even swing mine”. Suddenly the Kaki stop swinging, he pressed his big toes on the ground. The ?penguin’s face turns black. ?

Both of us could not stop laughing. ??Hahahhaa.. Penguin? stand up and walk out of the room.

Another penguin ?story to be continued… ❤️

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