Hello darlings, I was away for a vacation. Where?❤️
Venue : bedroom, Theme : Sleeping beauty
Itinerary : Sleeping and sleeping?

I am partly human hybrid with? alien. ???If only you noticed my uniquely born teeth, quite an aberration. Haha? just kidding!

I started to get extraordinarily? tired, since last Monday after donating my blood and followed by the red dot down under. Blame on my cuckoo clock of my body.

Now I am feeling good, God always has funny plan to crack us up. I was always being stubborn and❤️ love to excel myself. So the God said, “Hey lady… Wait❤️ a minute. You gotta rest..”

Resting in bed, treated myself like a queen. Had food and drink on the bed. I was amazed, how much heavenly felt. Then I slowly asked myself, why I did not slow down a little to enjoy the serenity staying on bed.

Loving❤️ yourself is not only getting slim, eating healthy food or dressing up. But also listen to your body. If it is tired, please slow down. Treat yourself like a queen. You deserve it. Lots of love❤️❤️ darling.

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