Penguin ?hopping into chapter 2, series of newer version from 1.0. Penguin? went to venture to a small green island. An island (Beris Dam) surrounded by the ring of green fairies. The penguin ?was brave, although he came from a white ice with blue icy water. That does not stop him to build another escaped island for himself and his buddies.

In that small green island somewhere in the North of Malaysia. It takes big wheels to drive and a boat to row.

On that green island, the penguin? has a small hut built by his good friend papa bear?. **No wifi, never mind said papa ?bear.. There is a big satellite that captures all the TV channels. The penguin ?was so happy. (Melonjaklah si pinggiun Ngan hepi)

There is also a small toilet built next to the hut. 3 walls with a wooden door and a deep hole for the shit ?to wash away to the lake. So environmentally friendly. Ha-ha?? (takpelah biar si Ikan boleh gemuk)

One day Penguin? brought his apple? of his eye, which he named her as a white? elephant. While penguin? was away fishing with papa bear?, white? elephant lying in the hammock with a little angel. Suddenly, white ?elephant heard whistling leaves and cracking of the twigs. She saw 2 big brown butts facing her. Gosh, it was wild? boars. (Mak engkau, babi hutan) Quickly she stormed to the hut to hide.

After an hour later, papa bear? and ?penguin came back. So the white ?elephant told them.

Penguin? asked, “How big is the wild? boars?”. White ?elephant was trembling and said, “As big as you, ?Penguin!” (Besar macam kau Pingguin). The ?penguin was again, stomping his feet away. ??

Scroll my Brain for another chapter of ?Penguin.

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