Exercising my fingers? and brain ?are my utmost passion. I have many muscles built in these areas. That is why my head skull? is bigger than the norm, to cage the growing brain. And still actively growing. Hopefully not outgrown my skull, then something seriously wrong with my hormones. Lol??

Due to vigorous exercises, I slow down with meditation?‍♀️. Yes, sometimes brain also needed some time to cool off.

Did I exercise my❤️ heart? Oh yes!! .. I did by watching something interesting to keep my pulse out jumped from the normal beats. Hahah??. How? By watching conjuring.. Ju-On.. The ghost movies. ?

Keep my joke aside, I felt the healthier part is through ❤️love.❤️ Falling in❤️ love, but not out of❤️ love. When you light up your love❤️, there is a light shining out naturally from your body. Your whole body will be in glow like a firefly.

Beautiful and it attracts others as well to be lightened up. Have you ever been mesmerized by a firefly? Lighting up the dark areas and turn it to magical moments. Ahhh❤️❤️

I love❤️ it. I love❤️ to be in ❤️love and in❤️ love with myself. Muaaahh????

Have a pleasant evening to lovers out there. ?❤️

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