Exercising my fingers🤟 and brain 🧠are my utmost passion. I have many muscles built in these areas. That is why my head skull💀 is bigger than the norm, to cage the growing brain. And still actively growing. Hopefully not outgrown my skull, then something seriously wrong with my hormones. Lol😬🤭

Due to vigorous exercises, I slow down with meditation🧘‍♀️. Yes, sometimes brain also needed some time to cool off.

Did I exercise my❤️ heart? Oh yes!! .. I did by watching something interesting to keep my pulse out jumped from the normal beats. Hahah😂😂. How? By watching conjuring.. Ju-On.. The ghost movies. 👻

Keep my joke aside, I felt the healthier part is through ❤️love.❤️ Falling in❤️ love, but not out of❤️ love. When you light up your love❤️, there is a light shining out naturally from your body. Your whole body will be in glow like a firefly.

Beautiful and it attracts others as well to be lightened up. Have you ever been mesmerized by a firefly? Lighting up the dark areas and turn it to magical moments. Ahhh❤️❤️

I love❤️ it. I love❤️ to be in ❤️love and in❤️ love with myself. Muaaahh💋💋💋💋

Have a pleasant evening to lovers out there. 💋❤️

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