PRIMORDIAL, there is a beautiful couple were in❤️ ❤️love. Both made a vow and not leaving each other no matter what happened even if there are thunderstorms, mud floods, earthquakes, nothing can stop their love❤️ for each other.

The questions are how far can this couple hold on to each other? Both knows that they have to follow their dreams before they are ready to be in solid and COPACETIC union.

So they promised that they will meet again after conquering their dreams and settling their old baggage. However, as the time passes by, new troubles starts to test both of them.

The test has been released by the universe to see how far they are overcoming. They are so focused into their challenges. Things change, ?patience getting thinner, jealousy creeping in, abandonment, fearing the other were busy with new? love. So what happened? Is either of them are acting in OBTUSE? manners? Yes one of them will, if they are not ready with self-love ❤️.

Deceits begun because suspicious arises. One of them start to look for a new ❤️love. So that they still have someone to replace their lost and to bandage the hurt. Why?

**If this continues in such phases, how many new love ❤️are you seeking? The question is: where is the vow that made? Trust and loyalty sinking into the deep ocean.

Many humans were not able to pass these tests. Simply because they are afraid to be hurt and their Egos are bigger than their face. Why building up something in your head that the other person is going to be deceitful? If there is no trust, then do not start any love❤️ voyage before loving❤️ oneself.

Finally, one of them realizing that they had made the wrong decision and want to return to their previous lover❤️. Then they PARAPHRASING their reasons of why they left them. ?Why wasting time for being fallout from the original vow?

To me, make it simple. Love❤️ yourself first before venture into a partnership. Get yourselves understand about your traumas, clear all the doubts of the past. Fill your own cup of❤️ love. Then when it is overflowing, it’s time to share your❤️ love with the other. Good luck. ❤️❤️❤️

**psst.. ?Revert the past to yourself why the other has left you instead of playing the blaming games. I left the game because I am tired with the dramas. Focusing on myself is my primary. ❤️❤️❤️

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