A blessing marriage : 2 people whom are independently known what they want. They excelled in life before partnering. 2 different entities from the opposite polar that merge into 1 and birth a big powerful empire. They doesn’t rely on each other for ❤️love or material satisfaction. They made a famous family legacy together.

**Imagine this, 2 companies partnering and work together as a team with their other board of directors: *the in laws, the siblings, *their children and also *their extended family members. Is not taking over the administration (family) members, but work together beautifully. This what I call the great blessings of marriage.

¶¶ However, many newer generations did not take this into consideration, they chased after their own lust. In which has ended into a loss business, a bad marriage with legal battles on their matrimonial assets and their biological children. These may leave the imprint on their children with traumas and lost hope in humanity ❤️love. Very sad…?

Come back to the main topic, yes, love is❤️ the chemistry that evokes each other interest. What we have to offer? Are we strong in our own financial i.e. ❤️❤️Self-love?

After entering a partnership, both partners have to put in some great effort such as check and balance each and every year. Ensuring the profit and minimizing loss. If there are losses occurred, what can the business partners overcome this issue? Is like auditing the account thoroughly and be ready for the next incoming project to grow the empire.

Is a two way street of giving and receiving. Have you done an audit of your partnership yet? Never ever be lazy only relying one partner to work their arses out.

❤️?Be faithful, be loyal and willing to work things out. Emphasize not only on the problems. Look for solutions.

Great marriage comes with great effort.

❤️❤️ Love from me

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