?Morning, ?Chow Sun, ?Selamat Pagi sayangku..❤️ Yes, my day begins with online lesson. I am so happy to see my teacher and classmates again. Reminder words: Cut off the Bullshits (BS) and it will bring glory to your life.
No need to be a DUNG BEETLE.. I said it before, clean your shits and let other to clean theirs. I close my ears from their BS. ?

Sometimes when people see you are clear from the BS, they want to dump their BS into us. *Hey, come on..we are not Dung beetles for anyone.*?

Do you know how much work we put in to clear our own BS? Redecorating our space with flowers?, bees ?and rainbows?. So build a white picket fences around our space. They may try to invade. Even if they try to be the invader into our space, they can’t steal the beauty and shine from us because we are the owner. Just return their BS and say no THANKS.

Darlings, cut off the BS and close your ?ears. Set boundaries if you can, to maintain your sanity and serendipity. Sometimes when you help certain human will not make you an Angel ?but they make you a Devil?. Be careful whom you invest your energy too.

Love from me❤️❤️❤️

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