Night falls, a purple curtain blanketing the sky. Little sparkling stars⭐⭐, lightning the darkness. Moon? hiding away behind the curtain, spying on whom has been awoken. Moon? whispers a little lullaby to comfort them till they fall asleep.

Dear darlings, let bygone be bygone. The worries today will be worries of the past. Certain things which are out of our control. Allow it to slip away, allow the universe to take care of it.

In this world as we are still breathing, take your time to enjoy the life with minimal of materialism. Branding yourself with❤️ love, bonding yourself with your family and closed friends. As long you knew you were trying your best to strive in everything but do not use this as an excuse to be lazy.

Good night and sweet dreams. Tomorrow is another day for new beginners and do-all the unfinished business.

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