Shhhh secrets.. The PANDORA BOX is waiting to be unwrapped. I can’t wait to see what is inside..

However, I still have to be patience because I need to work more for myself. Mmm, my ❤️heart is so wildly said, “Hey, just open and close it back as no one is watching.” Mmm… The devil? is tempting me. I said to the devil ?: Yes!! I will, when the time is right. So the devil? was annoyed and gave me a cynical look. The devil? said, “That is so unbelievable.” ???

Oh well, sometimes in the spiritual world, you may think that you are ready to be put yourself out for the world. In reality, there are more works to be working on. For example, to work more on your body, mind and soul.

Busy with 15 minutes gluten work out for stability.
Busy with my school to leveling.
Busy with meditation to clearing past karmic debts.
To turn all these into one abundance = loving oneself

Phew… So much of words. It may be boring to read. Just roll your ?eyes to pick whichever words that may interest you.

Lastly, when you are busy with your life.. You never knew the Pandora box will be added more values. Yes… I am waiting for the heavy weight of the Pandora Box.

Lots of love❤️❤️

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