Happy Father’s Day to my beloved❤️ Father. I miss you till today. It has been 11 years since you have gone.

Thank you for all the years that you have given me the best in life. Your utmost strictness in bringing me up has made me into your proud human product of the world. How I wish today that you and mummy could attend my graduation day, I knew is impossible, but I will always bring your photo along for my graduation day.

I always love❤️ you, father. You are irreplaceable, you are the proudest man in my life. I always look up for you. You are my idol. I admire the way you have always been so strong like mountain that I can lean on. You are so intelligent that every single of my questions, you have answers for me. You always gave me solutions whenever I am stuck in my life.

My dearest father, I pray every single day that you will get the best thing in heaven. I will proceed with the legend of your good name. I will be the best ambassador of your good name. I always love❤️ and miss you father.


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