Today waking up with full vigor, feeling adventurous and suddenly a text message that pierced into my joy bubble. Oh goodness, what will you do? Especially it is involving your loved ones. Sometimes remain silent😶 to avoid making ourselves more depressing. There are times, they blinded themselves to see the real truth. They shifted the blamed to someone else. I calmed myself down and count 1,2,3 before replying to them as they are the time bomb..💣 Pfff…🤨🙄
Shut the window and pull the curtain down for a time out to allow the turbulence emotional drain off. Is not an avoidance, but is good for our mental health too. In my heart, I pray and send them love ♥️🙏with healings. Hopefully they will find the light at their own tunnel.

Do love ♥️yourself more, create an “A Me-Time” when it is necessary… The way of loving♥️ yourself..

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